Intros are Never Sweet

An Obligatory First Post Wherein I Despoil The Tabula Rasa of My WordPress Account

I always love-hated those fancy-ass notebooks. You know the kind: the ones where they’re bound in gilded Van Gogh replicas, or intricately embossed leather, or papier mache flower petals or the authentic vellum leaves from the Book of Kells. They are so beautiful, but once you open them and start setting pen to paper, your imagination vaporizes, your mouth goes dry, and the creativity runs out of you like blood from a butchered heifer.

No, beautiful won’t do for me. I need the kind of recycled, pizza-grease-stained napkins you pick up off bar floors to write my stuff on – I want to poop it into the world, and then I want to tear the crap out of it with revisions. And, I don’t want to be bound to what I’ve said. Ever.

I participated in Nanowrimo last year. I learned how to shit words out of my fingers. So that, dear reader, is what you can expect from me. Word poop, littered with maybe a few gems I swallowed years ago. I thank you for your patience, and appreciate positive feedback.