Maeveautumn, that’s me, a pen name I chose for myself in college, back when my aspirations to become a professional writer were so huge that it became my [stupidly chosen] undergraduate major. I live in Central Pennsylvania with my Lovey and our two cats: Milo and Hozzle.

I have many interests – which one steals focus depends on the direction of the wind, usually. So, in addition to my sordid attempts at crafts (crochet, sewing, other random crap), you’re likely to hear about these in some jumbled order:


I am back on the horse, just getting my feet wet in the writing world again after I ragequit took a break. I most admire writers who are able to make intriguing and multidimensional characters – the kinds of characters who live in the authors’ stories as though they were alive in real life. Chuck Wendig is one of my personal heroes. Thanks to Lovey’s goading I participated in 2013 Nanowrimo and now have three stories going at the moment. I have a habit of writing [bad?] poems and published a bunch of short stories under another pseudonym that were well received in their genre but are too content-explicit to post within 15 clicks of my real persona. I religiously kept an online journal back in the days of diary-x, but for obvious reasons no longer write there.


For a former English and MLIS major, I am a very slow reader. However, if I ever finish anything you can bet I will review it here.


My passion for food endures beyond all other things. I travel with my stomach on a leash, leading me like an excited puppy. However, I have several food allergies including wheat/gluten so I may post recipes, reviews, or other such commentary on that specific diet. I also try to adhere to a mindful vegetarian diet, especially after reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma.


In my technical goddess role, I administer a Microsoft SCCM 2007 R3 environment in mixed mode complete with all the cogs and wheels: WDS, WSUS, MDK, WAIK, SCUP, patchmypc, parallels management, and right-click tools. I love it. To me it is akin to directing a symphony of client computers. The best part is when they’re all working in unison the way they should be.

I also enjoy pecking at some web programming when I’m not fixing virus-infested laptops (kill it with fire!). I am currently most interested in PHP.

Running and Lifting

Not trying to brag, but I run around 4 miles per day, 6 days a week. Lovey calls me crazy. I’m ok with that. I prefer to focus less on competition and more on how running and physical fitness nurture a person’s character. Squats and oats, bro, squats and oats (naw, not really, I’m just kidding). Running shoe reviews, gadgets, experiences, nutrition commentary – those are the things that I will share here on this topic. I am no fitness expert, though I do have quite a bit of experience via the school of hard knocks and I have somehow powered through a 13.1 and a 26.2 without injuring myself.


I am a classically-trained violinist, violist, and pianist who has a love affair with Cape Breton fiddle music. I suppose I may sometimes reference these experiences. I don’t practice as much as I should. Don’t tell my teacher 😛


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