Not Fishy

This post is not about tunafish, sorry Milo.

Milo, our black and white fat cat from Washington Michigan, has an obsession with human food – yogurt, ice cream, potato chips, salami, chicken soup, pepperoni pizza, and especially [& not surprisingly] tuna fish.

My little catdog burrito, Milo Scott Gabriel Fitzpatrick Prince Caspian (Milo for short).

My little catdog burrito, Milo Scott Gabriel Fitzpatrick Prince Caspian (Milo for short).

We had a party once and I had to escort him upstairs and put him on bedroom arrest because he launched himself like a tree frog into the chip bag head first, and before I could retrieve him, had chips in his mouth. He is such a catdog. At least he sits before I feed him cheese.

Anyhow, last night Lovey and I were looking for a food adventure, the sort of thing you do when you have a free Friday night and a wanderlust that can’t be sated by any adventure within 30 minutes’ driving distance of this godforsaken Biscuitburgh where the local quotidian seems to idolize chain restaurants and fats fast food above all. Thankfully, though I may be quotidian, I am not of local borne – thus requiring me to desire more culinary adventure than the exotic Olive Garden can provide.

I ended up pinteresting my way to a destination, a little pan-asian bistro opening to the warm streets of some upscale Pacific coast town with stone floors and those rice paper room dividers.

The main dish and setting were courtesy of Jessica over at “How Sweet Eats” (click on the photo below to go straight to her recipe). She has a totally fun food blog, so you should check it out, and her pictures are prettier than mine. Mine are just from an old mobile device camera.

Toasted Sesame Ginger Salmon, recipe courtesy of

Toasted Sesame Ginger Salmon, recipe courtesy of

Thanks to that little adventure, this is what we ended up with, and I will say it is one of the best salmon dishes I’ve ever had in my life (and I don’t really like fish), not to mention probably the best salmon dish we’ve made ourselves. We paired it with Brussels Sprouts and wild rice, and finished the evening with a glass of sweet Porto and an AFI Top-100 Movie.

Edit: These were made with some fresh salmon steaks from the local grocer’s meat counter. We followed the recipe exactly except that I substituted regular soy sauce for Tamari low sodium gluten free soy sauce and then we cooked them in the cast iron skillet with (skin side down) instead of cooking them in the broiler.


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